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AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Feast for the 24th of November

10. Book: A Thanksgiving Diet - Life as a Glutton by T.M.F Resuscitate.

9. Music: Frank Sinatra singing Somethin' Stupid.

8. Global Commerce: London Metal Exchange and Baltic Exchange Dry Index prices are higher since September lows.

7. Post Holiday Warning: Trading volumes will be light today, day traders should expect quiet markets and sudden bursts of volatility. Early reactions next week may result in reversals due to perceived lack of price equilibriums having occured via today's results, this as U.S financial institutions return in full to their offices Monday and Tuesday.

6. Election Surprises: Argentina and the Netherlands point to seismic changes in voting sentiment. India, South Africa and the U.S have major elections coming in 2024.

5. Crytocurrencies: Binance legal problems in the U.S casting shadows of doubt, but BNB/USD has been somewhat stable. Bitcoin - yes, a digital asset - is above 37,000.00 USD as of this writing.

4. Gold: Price of the precious metal remains slightly below 2000.00 USD level.

3. Energy Prices: WTI Crude Oil, Brent, Natural Gas and Gasoline remain within sight of one year lows, but intriguing support levels for speculators with long-term outlooks.

2. U.S Equity Indices: Stocks will trade in shortened sessions today. The major indices are within sight of one year highs. Next week could see positive momentum sustained.

1. Forex: USD within an intriguing near-term price range. GBP, JPY and NZD are some of the major currencies showing signs of potential strength versus the 'greenback' as outlooks seemingly shift.


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