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AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Thoughts for the 8th of December

10. Book: A History of Venice by John Julius Norwich.

9. Music: Gram Parsons (featuring Emmylou Harris) playing Ooh Las Vegas.

8. Artificial Intelligence: Speed and processing advances will continue to make AI a buzzword in 2024, this as quantum computing looms in the distance.

7. Trading Volumes: Speculators should note there are about two full weeks of trading left before 'thin' holiday markets will begin to be seen. Meaning financial institutions while being cautious, will also start to position their assets according to their outlooks for early next year.

6. Energy Sector: WTI Crude Oil, Brent, Natural Gas and Unleaded Gasoline continue to challenge support levels as long-term lows remain in sight.

5. China: Important inflation numbers via Consumer Price Index statistics will come from the nation early Saturday, negative results are expected.

4. Risk Appetite: Optimism continues to be encouraging within behavioral sentiment, this as U.S equities remain near highs, the USD leans towards a mid-term outlook with potential weakness, and gold stays above 2000.00 USD per ounce.

3. USD/JPY: Bearish momentum continues in the currency pair, price velocity built speed yesterday and this morning's trading has been dynamic.

2. Data: U.S jobs numbers will be released today, the Non-Farm Employment Change and Average Hourly Earnings reports will create reactions. However, unless the results are surprising, this data may simply work as an affirmation for existing risk appetite.

1. Federal Reserve: The Fed's next FOMC Statement will be on the 13th of December, this knowledge will shadow the broad markets today and early next week.


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