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AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Tidbits for Friday 8th of Sept.

10. Detroit Lions: NFL season last night kicked off with upset of the Kansas City Chiefs.

9. Book: Koba the Dread - Laughter and the Twenty Million by Martin Amis.

8. Sports: Rugby World Cup 2023 begins later today as France and New Zealand meet.

7. South Africa: Load shedding stage number 6 this morning, USD/ZAR near highs.

6. Dominoes: U.S banking and commercial real estate wobbling and problematic.

5. U.S Federal Reserve: Talk from both sides of mouth ongoing, but ill-advised.

4. Equities: Major U.S Indices remain under pressure with fragile behavioral sentiment.

3. Forex: USD strong as other major currencies trade with lower values.

2. Murky Outlooks: U.S Treasuries yields have come off highs seen on Wednesday.

1. China: Trade Balance data was poor yesterday, CPI and PPI statistics tomorrow.


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