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Quick Thoughts for Friday 21st April

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

It appears the broad financial markets are producing rather cautious price ranges which day traders should be wary of and this could continue until the 3rd of May. The Federal Reserve will release its FOMC Statement and Federal Funds Rate on Wednesday the 3rd of May. It is likely a quarter of a basis point will be added then, meaning an increase of another 0.25%. The worry for financial institutions is the potential for another Federal Funds hike in June and unease regarding the possible move.

Choppy markets are also happening because of a lack of major U.S economic data the past few days, which has created an air of uncertainty and undefined trends in many assets.

The difficulty of finding a defined trend for day traders can cause them to get eaten alive. Skittish conditions are not good for a majority of retail Forex and CFD traders - and plays into the fact 90% of retail speculators are eventually wiped out. An absence of deep pockets to withstand volatility because leverage is being used too excessively, and an inability to digest overnight 'carrying charges' which must be factored in too as 'costs of trading' also causes money to disappear - although your broker might try to 'sell' this as part of your learning curve while they try to convince you to trade again.

Next week the U.S will see the CB Consumer Confidence report on Tuesday the 25th of April, Thursday will have Advanced GDP and Friday will finish with inflation data. However, it is the week afterwards which is already a large focus. Yes, corporate earnings are being published today and in the coming week too, but many eyes are on the U.S Federal Reserve. Clarity on interest rates is what is desired.

Gold price the past month of trading as of 21st of April 2023

If you are looking for evidence regarding what 'smart money' may be doing, it should be noted the price of Gold remains hovering around 2000.00 USD per ounce. Suddenly the price of Gold has become almost calm, please do not expect this to continue. The rather tight and 'high' price range of the precious metal is a potential sign that financial folks still believe that the U.S Fed may remain semi-aggressive in the mid-term, while 'hoping' over the long-term lower interest rates are coming.

As traders should know by now, nothing is guaranteed. Trying to understand behavioral sentiment helps.


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