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Risk Events Pose Danger this Week

Monday 1st of May, U.S ISM Manufacturing PMI - weaker than expected Advance GDP results last week make this report of keen interest for investors regarding U.S growth (or recessionary) prospects.

Tuesday 2nd of May, Australia RBA Cash Rate - Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to hold the line regarding borrowing.

EUR/USD 1 Month Chart as of 30th April

Wednesday 3rd of May, U.S Federal Reserve FOMC Statement and Federal Funds Rate - U.S central bank expected to raise by another 0.25% making key lending mark 5.25%. This number has been digested into the broad markets, what investors want to know is the Fed's June outlook. Federal Reserve outlook and FOMC Press Conference will move Forex and equities globally. Traders remains suspicious regarding another hike in June.

Thursday 4th of May, E.U ECB Main Refinancing Rate - European Central Bank expected to hike by another 0.25%. Anything different would be a surprise. ECB Press Conference should be rather tranquil.

Friday 5th of May, U.S Non-Farm Employment Change and Average Hourly Earnings - while jobs numbers are always of interest, it is the earnings statistics which should be watched and will give insight regarding inflation and potential actions about Fed's June considerations.


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