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Week Ahead: Inflation Followed by the U.S Federal Reserve

Monday, 12th of June, U.S Federal Budget Balance - hold down the laughter and snickers please as you wonder why you should care, this as the report shows monthly income versus spending from the month before. Yes, the U.S 'Debt Ceiling' bill was passed recently. Very few people are going to pay attention to Budget Balance report, except economists and traders who have 'skin in the game' via hedge funds as an example - that make long-term bets, and U.S politicians who want to hoot and holler.......while nothing really gets done to limit wasteful spending in Washington D.C.

Tuesday, 13th of June, U.S Consumer Price Index reports - yes, this inflation data will be important per the monthly numbers showing what consumers are spending. A slight uptick is expected with an outcome of plus 0.2% via the broad statistics - last month's number showed a gain of 0.4%. The outcome of the broad and core CPI statistics will give the Federal Reserve a sounding board for what will take place on Wednesday via the Federal Funds Rate announcement. Stronger than expected inflation numbers could cause a rupture and nervousness. A weaker result would calm Forex and perhaps make the USD slightly weaker.

EUR/USD One Month Chart as of 11th June 2023

Wednesday, 14th of June, U.S Producer Price Index - these numbers will be released early in the day and will be followed by the Federal Reserve five and half hours later. The inflation outcome via the PPI if stronger than anticipated would cause some caution before the Federal Reserve takes the stage.

Wednesday, 14th of June, U.S Federal Funds Rate, FOMC Statement and FOMC Press Conference - while many analysts seem convinced the Fed will not hike the interest rate this week, there are obviously no guarantees. The FOMC Statement will indicate the U.S central bank's outlook. Traders who are intent on trading before the official interest rate announcement and statement are playing with fire. Speculators should keep in mind that other central banks have surprised folks with increases recently including Canada and Australia. A hike from the U.S Federal Reserve would surprise a lot of people and financial institutions, but stranger things have happened.

Thursday, 15th of June, New Zealand Gross Domestic Product - the growth numbers which will come out a handful of hours after the U.S Fed leaves the stage will be intriguing and provide NZD/USD traders more impetus into what will likely already be a volatile trading session taking place.

Thursday, 15th of June, China Industrial Production and Retail Sales - these two reports from the economic giant will be watched closely. China's economy is struggling a bit, and weakness in the housing sector via values are starting to cause a reaction in domestic spending. Industrial Production numbers will give some insights regarding global demand. Economic problems in Europe and North America are certainly not helping matters in China because demand for goods are restrained and hurting the manufacturing sector.

Thursday, 15th of June, U.S Retail Sales - consumers in the U.S have been expected to start producing negative numbers via these statistics, will they begin to do it? A stronger number would be of interest to some, but after Wednesdays' FOMC Statement and news that will be generated, it is questionable who will give full attention to this report and what affect it could have.

Thursday, 15th of June, E.U ECB Press Conference - this question and answer session could prove to be interesting depending on what the U.S Fed does the day before. Certainly the European Central Bank will give their opinions on monetary policy and economic circumstances in the European Union and abroad. The EUR/USD could be affected.

USD/JPY One Month Chart as of 11th June 2023

Friday, 16th of June, Japan BoJ Policy Rate and Monetary Policy Statement - no major changes are expected from the Bank of Japan. This is the one central bank unwilling to change its attitude regarding monetary policy because of the whims of others. Perhaps if the U.S Federal Reserve surprised everyone on Wednesday with a hike, this could change the quiet rhetoric from the BoJ - but even that is doubtful. USD/JPY traders should pay attention to the BoJ Press Conference just in case.


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