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Angry Meta Traders Data

Angry Meta Traders provides data via its unique insights. We also offer data via association from trusted partners.
None of the supplied data guarantees future performance.
The data should only be used as tools which provide speculative and potential considerations for all financial assets.
Yesterday's sunshine does not mean it will not rain today or tomorrow.

Bitcoin Uneasy Considerations

AMT Bitcoin Uneasy considerations

Bitcoin has no quantifiable intrinsic value that can be proven by mathematics.
While it has supposedly 21 million coins it can mint, it should be remembered it also has Satoshi's within each coin. Think about Satoshi's as fractional digital cents. The amount of Satoshi's in one BTC actually equates into 100,000,000.
21,000,000 times 100,000,000 gives you a massive number.
Which brings doubt into Bitcoin's claim of scarcity. 
Additionally, BTC costs money to create via its use of energy to generate each coin. Energy costs are high in most places. High costs of energy during downturns in the value of Bitcoin create production questions about the profitability for miners and raise concerns of structural problems economically for BTC.
Another uneasy consideration for Bitcoin is the affect of quantum computing in the future. When quantum is fully applicable and makes Bitcoin calculations quickly to create transactions, this could add to volatility.
Quantum computing will help Bitcoin become faster, but it could also make the use of the generous amount of Satoshis easier to use, which in theory would allow the total amount of transactions to grow large mathematically, making too much supply a potential problem.
The ability to make fast and fractional payments in Bitcoin may actually be a problem in the long term for its implied value.
The above is offered as cautionary math and theory which makes Bitcoin highly suspicious as a real asset in a quantified manner.
Behavioral sentiment remains a key element of Bitcoin. Confidence is a key component of Bitcoin at all times, if it falters so will the value of BTC.

Risk Disclaimer
You can lose all of your money trading.


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