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Risk Disclaimer
You can lose all of your money trading.

Trading can prove costly and expensive and wipe out all of your money. Angry Meta Traders is an education and information provider. Angry Meta Traders and its writers and presenters will not be held liable for any monetary loss from its readers and viewers. Angry Meta Traders serves as a medium which helps provide risk analysis and states the fact that trading and investing offer no guarantees of success. Unfortunately, markets often prove that they are right and the trader is wrong. Often in trading, a speculator is proven correct only after the market has already wiped them out, meaning the speculator ran out of funds to pursue their trade before an asset actually went in their predicted direction. Timeframes, leverage, bid and ask differentials, overnight charges, inability to access markets via technology bugs, and unexpected price fills are just some of the potentially dangerous terrain that traders must consider. You should trade and invest only what you can afford to lose. Although we sincerely hope this does not happen. However, our insights are not trading advice and should not be acted upon without speaking to professionals, and we warn you again that trading and investing can prove very expensive when the market goes against you. There is a genuine risk and danger of losing all of your money when trading.

AMT Risk Disclaimer
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