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  • Why are you ‘angry’?
    We are angry about retail traders being treated like sheep being led to slaughter. Essentially retail traders walk forward as innocent victims into the fury of the financial world and a sector that devours them.
  • Do day traders lose money all the time?
    To put it bluntly, most retail traders lose money. The ratio is high, above 80 and 90% depending on what retail traders are wagering on. And we use the word wager on purpose because that is what day traders are essentially doing if they are not using risk management and simply trading based on uninformed perspectives and without any clues regarding trading technology that eats them alive.
  • What are some basic dangers for traders?
    Things like spreads consisting of ‘bids and asks’ are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the concerns traders should consider when initiating positions.
  • Who do you hope to help?
    We are trying to help the public that wants to learn and retail traders actively engaged in speculation. Again we believe traders should know what they are up against, many of the retail trading platforms available to the public in our opinion are not designed to help traders make money.
  • Why do you speak negatively about trading platforms?
    Not all of them, but some are geared to hinder the trading results of their clients. Some are designed to make money for the owners of the trading platforms. You should trade with a regulated broker who has a solid reputation, and you should ask for second and third opinions from people you trust regarding their experiences when trading the chosen broker. There are many places a trader can go to get an honest critique regarding a trading platform.
  • Are you giving advice?
    No, we are not giving advice on what to trade. And we are not giving advice of what the market or any assets will do at any given moment. It is nearly impossible to ‘time’ the market correctly.
  • What does offer?
    We are offering information and trying to educate the public to learn about the financial markets. And we are trying to help potential traders make better decisions if they decide to pursue day trading activities. We also hope that others in the public will like and find our articles and insights useful and entertaining. The world of investing is treated like a sacred cow, and the vocabulary of its participants is geared to create complexity, this to hide the simplicity that actually exists and is our goal. People want to make money trading and it very difficult to attain.
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