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AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Considerations for this Friday

AMT top ten list for the 1st of September 2023
AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Considerations 1st September 2023

10. Travel Alert: Surprise visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Israeli bound passenger jet.

9. Book: Machiavelli A Biography by Miles J. Unger.

8. Coup d'Etat: Gabon added to the growing African list.

7. Bitcoin: Rollercoaster prices in BTC/USD past 48 hours. Up 2,000.00, down 2,000.00.

6. China: Weakness in Yuan is concerning governments and financial institutions.

5. Market Shifts: U.S Treasury yields have decreased the past week.

4. USD and Gold: Greenback stubborn with slight weakness emerging, Gold steady.

3. U.S Data: Jobs numbers may rattle markets today and expose underlying outlooks.

2. Labor Day: Volumes could be light today with long U.S holiday weekend coming.

1. Trading Tip: Cautious trading likely today, expect volatility to increase next week.


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