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AMT Top Ten Miscellaneous Viewpoints for the 29th of Dec.

10. Book: Cargill: Trading the World's Grain by Wayne G. Broehl, Jr., a book that folks interested in physical commodities may find interesting.

9. Music: A Night in Tunisia played by Charlie Parker and Miles Davis on The Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes.

8. NBA: Detroit Pistons have now lost 28 straight basketball games. Will the team get a participation trophy at the end of this season?

7. Post-Quantum: While 'Artificial Intelligence' grabs headlines, 'post-quantum cryptography' is a phrase and reality that corporations will need to learn increasingly.

6. Behavioral Sentiment: Risk appetite has remained firm during this holiday week, which may spark additional optimistic trading banter in January as trends are wagered upon.

5. U.S Treasuries: Yields have continued to move lower, and dovish outlooks regarding the U.S Federal Reserve inside many financial institutions may increase speculative zeal.

4. Gold: The precious metal remains near highs and the price of 2100.00 USD is hovering above, will this level start to be challenged and penetrated?

3. JPY and NZD: Both currencies remain bullish as they recover from long-term USD strength, this while mid-term price realms are being firmly challenged. Technical traders with long-term outlooks may want to start examining one year charts.

2. U.S Equities: S&P 500 on the cusp of record highs, the Nasdaq 100 is at apex values - while the Nasdaq Composite remains bullish, and the Dow Jones 30 continues to create new heights.

1. 2024: A prosperous and peaceful New Year is wished for all.


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