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Economic Data and Underlying Factors this Week

Monday 15th of May, U.S Empire State Manufacturing - N.Y manufacturing sector report regarding business conditions, which serves as a sentiment reading. A lackluster outcome could put a bit more pressure on the Federal Reserve to lessen their aggressive stance, and certainly point out nervousness among U.S corporations regarding profits.

Monday 15th of May, U.S TIC Long-Term Purchases - report shows results from between domestic and international purchases of U.S Treasuries. While not considered a major data release, this one could give an impetus to investors in U.S banking sector who may find intriguing potential correlations. An increase in the number of domestic purchases compared to international buyers would be of interest. Large dark shadows on the U.S mid and small size banking sector still exists, pressures boil as depositors are still considering parking their money elsewhere, and corporate share values remain fragile.

Tuesday 16th of May, China Industrial Production and Retail Sales - China economic results are a barometer of global health due to the fact the nation is a large supplier of worldwide products. Industrial Production results if they are lagging in China, would indicate decreasing demand and global economic weakness. Retail Sales figures from China is an indicator of consumer sentiment within the nation.

Tuesday 16th of May, U.S Retail Sales - results indicate buying power and confidence among U.S consumers. Underlying numbers also focus on how Americans are spending, in other words - are they paying the full price being asked or are they looking for discounted goods as inflation continues to hit wallets.

Wednesday 17th of May, Japan Preliminary Gross Domestic Product - No real surprises expected from Japan's growth numbers, but the results are always appealing to economists who debate the nation's ability to remain among the wealthiest without any truly outstanding GDP numbers produced in years. In other words a lot of noise for traders without much real impact.

WTI Crude Oil - One Month Chart as of 14th May 2023

Wednesday 17th of May, U.S Crude Oil Inventories - another report that seems important for commodities traders, but without any real surprises has limited impact. Many times even among WTI Crude Oil speculators, they are often looking at other data they have gathered like production numbers from OPEC, Mexico and Canada. And also oil tanker movements around the globe.

Thursday 18th of May, Australia Employment Change and Unemployment Rate - outcome from these numbers could factor into AUD/USD momentarily, but without a major surprise will likely have little impact on global speculators for more than a couple of hours.

Thursday 18th of May, U.S Existing Home Sales - housing numbers are under some scrutiny as they reflect behavior of current U.S home owners as they react to growing interest rate pressures on mortgages and stay within their current homes to avoid higher borrowing costs.


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