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Tether's Wobbling Should Set off Alarms for Crypto Traders

Tether is wobbling and this should not come as a surprise to cryptocurrency traders. While many speculators likely do not carry USDT in wallets or day trade the cryptocurrency, it does serve as a barometer in the digital asset world regarding behavioral sentiment. A sustained drop below the 1.00000 USD price tag should raise eyebrows and increase nervousness.

Tether (USDT/USD) 5 Day Price Chart as of 15th June 2022

This morning's drop in value in USDT/USD comes on the heels of trouble with Binanace and Coinbase via civil suits brought forth by U.S government agencies that accuse both exchanges of wrongdoing.

Tether's accounting practices have been under suspicion for a long time and transparency has been lacking. While influencers within the crypto world can came claim all they want the Tether 'stablecoin' has nothing to hide - just like Binance and Coinbase - plenty of suspicion remains. And in fact a lawsuit brought against Tether's parent company which was settled with a payment of nearly 41 million USD in 2021 to the U.S government via CFTC charges should serve as a caution sign.

A simple look at a five day chart of USDT/USD above shows the 'stablecoin' has incrementally suffered selling the past handful of days (this before today's storm lower). Yes, folks may claim this has happened before and recoveries invariably have always developed higher, and they may be proven correct again. Perhaps today's selling has been a mere reaction to the 'public' finding out about recent Binance transactions which are being reported, but maybe it is something more important - like a lose of confidence.

Until now the cryptocurrency world hasn't really seen a strong reaction to the allegations brought forth from the U.S against Binance and Coinbase yet, and the question that should be asked is when is confidence going to crack again in the cryptocurrency world. Because as sure as the sun comes up and sets, the cryptocurrency world is going to suffer another major crisis, perhaps not today, but one will occur.

If the price of Tether starts to stumble badly and shows signs of not recovering that would spark a major downturn in the value of cryptocurrencies across the board. The darling of the 'stablecoin' world certainly has its detractors and there are certainly folks lurking who have been making long-term bets against Tether.

Binance Coin (BNB/USD) One Month Chart as of 15th June 2023

Speculators in the digital asset world will be watching Bitcoin and Tether values closely. It has been reported that by many crypto media sources that Binance has recently made large trades involving USDT in an effort to boost their liquidity. What should concern traders in the cryptocurrency space is the ability of noise in the sector to turn into actual thunder which causes dramatic reactions to cryptocurrency prices.

Because while some people try to claim there are reasonable ways to value cryptocurrencies, in fact behavioral sentiment rules the jungle and a loss of confidence in the sector remains an extinction level threat for nearly every digital asset at anytime. The entire cryptocurrency space is vulnerable to fragility.


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