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Wemby to the Spurs, but is VW 1st Round in Fantasy Basketball

The San Antonio Spurs landed the top NBA Draft pick which will be held on the 22nd of June. The top pick will be Victor Wembanyama. There will be no drama regarding the choice. After Wembanyama is named at the Barclays Center in New York, the audience could get a surprise regarding the selection of the number two pick which seems to a decision between Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller.

When the San Antonio Spurs took David Robinson in the 1987 NBA Draft they improved by 35 wins in his first season, this after only winning 28 games in the 86-87 season. When the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan in the 1997 NBA Draft, their win total during an injury plagued year for Robinson in the 96-97 campaign was 20 wins. The Spurs won 56 games in Duncan's first year and made it to the Conference Semi-Finals when they lost to the Utah Jazz.

The Spurs have had amazing luck being able to draft Robinson, Duncan and now Wembanyama. The question is how many games will they improve by during the 23-24 NBA campaign? San Antonio won 22 games this past season. A surge of 25 additional wins would not be shocking. Can the Spurs win 50?

An other interesting question many folks who play fantasy basketball are starting to ask is, will you be willing to take Victor Wembanyama in the first round of your fantasy league? Will he be good enough to make an immediate impact?

VW is certainly going to be entertaining, but are you bold enough to take him in the first round? You might be inclined to take Nikola Jokic, Luka Doncic and Antetokounmpo before Wembanyama, but will you let him slide much past those fellows? It is likely VW will go in many first rounds of fantasy basketball this coming season, selected by fans who have been following his development in Europe. Folks who want to say Victor Wembanyama is only 19 years old should remember he has already played three years of professional basketball in Europe.


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