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Calendar this Week includes Debt Ceiling, Earnings and Jobs

Monday the 29th of May, Many banking holidays including in the U.S and U.K - traders choosing to participate in the markets should be aware that low transaction volumes can cause volatility due to imbalances. Be careful if you choose to trade on Monday.

Tuesday the 30th of May, U.S Debt Ceiling - talks and vote will be in focus. It appears an agreement may be in place, but financial institutions will certainly monitor the shenanigans from Washington, D.C. this week to see if a compromise can avert a crisis. Equity and Forex markets will respond to all developing news.

Tuesday the 30th of May, U.S CB Consumer Confidence - this survey of households in the States should be monitored. Spending remains strong in the U.S while manufacturing outlook appears nervous. The results may imply forward looking sentiment for U.S economy regarding consumption and could stir the markets slightly.

EUR/USD Three Month Chart as of 28 May 2023

Wednesday the 31st of May, Germany Preliminary CPI - inflation remains troubling in Europe and the German economy is seen as the linchpin. The result from the Consumer Price Index could rattle the EUR/USD a bit.

Thursday the 1st of June, China Caixin Manufacturing PMI - this Purchasing Managers Index from China will give some insight regarding the nation's economic sentiment and its results will offer some clues regarding global demand for goods. Last month's number was viewed as slightly negative.

Thursday the 1st of June, U.S ISM Manufacturing PMI - last week's manufacturing and Core Durable Goods Orders numbers from the U.S were negative. While growth via the Prelim GDP came in slightly better this past Thursday, economic outlook remains skittish. Last month's ISM data result was negative and this month's forecast is not optimistic either.

Friday the 2nd of June, U.S Average Hourly Earnings and Non-Farm Employment Change - the results will shake the broad marketplace. Inflation via wages in the U.S remains a concern for the U.S Federal Reserve and the job market has appeared on the surface to remain rather strong statistically. A strong number from the Average Hourly Earnings could keep the Fed nervous and another hike on the 14th of June within their mindset.


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