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Nervous Outlooks and Short Term Fixes Creating Anxiousness

A U.S government shutdown has been avoided, but the resolution highlights that an important year of political games is getting fully underway in Washington. Short term fixes via congressional agreements do not hide the fact the U.S government continues to bleed money and is adding to its deficit as yields on U.S Treasuries remain high.

Gold 5 day price chart showing decline for the week as of 2nd of October 2023.
Gold Five Day Chart as of 2nd October 2023

The price of gold has sank substantially in the past week, which shows the USD continues to be strong, and that speculative short-term games within the precious metal must always be kept in mind by day traders. Long term fundamental beliefs regarding the value of gold cannot stop momentary volatility.

GDP results from the U.S last week came in slightly below estimates, but the ability to still sustain growth also creates the suspicion the U.S economy remains stubbornly strong, which effectively puts the U.S Federal Reserve in a rather difficult place. Crude Oil prices have remained high, and this week's coming jobs data will be important for short and mid-term market participants as they position themselves while nervous behavioral sentiment continues to be evident.

U.S stock markets are near three month lows and trading conditions choppy, this as yields on U.S Treasuries are elevated and create a tough road for speculators to navigate in the short-term.

Monday, 2nd of October, U.S ISM Manufacturing PMI - a reading below 50 is anticipated which would mean sentiment remains negative regarding the U.S economy, but Core Durable Goods Orders came in better than expected last week. Thus, the result of this manufacturing report could play into short and near-term USD trading and cause a ripple as financial houses anticipate the jobs numbers later this week.

Tuesday, 3rd of October, Reserve Bank of Australia - the RBA is expected to keep its Cash Rate in place. If the RBA cooperates with financial institutions and does not change its key borrowing rate , the RBA Rate Statement will come into focus. However, the AUD/USD is still within the shadows of U.S Federal Reserve like most other major currencies.

Wednesday, 4th of October, U.S ISM Services PMI - the outcome from the Services report is expected to fall below last month's outcome. The slight miss in the GDP numbers last week was noteworthy, but the better than expected Core Durable Goods results will make this report of interest and provide a bit of impetus to the USD and U.S indices before Friday's key jobs data - particularly if the Services reading is better than anticipated.

GBP/USD downward pressure three month chart as of 2nd October 2023.
GBP/USD Three Month Chart as of 2nd Oct. 2023

Thursday, 5th of October, U.K Construction PMI - while not considered a major publication by many analysts, the ordering by purchasing managers in Britain may prove relevant as an indicator regarding outlook. The Bank of England held their interest rates in place a couple of weeks ago and this was based on the belief the U.K economy is slowing. The Construction PMI report is expected to come in slightly below last month's outcome which could set the table for slight choppiness in the GBP/USD which has continued to trend lower.

Friday, 6th of October, U.S Non-Farm Employment Change and Average Hourly Earnings - the combination of these two reports will impact USD trading before their publication and afterwards for several hours. Financial institutions will examine these statistics carefully. If there is a hint of weakness in the U.S jobs market and wage inflation is tame, this could make the USD weaker. However, if jobs hiring remains firm and there is a slight uptick in the costs employers are having to pay workers, the USD could get stronger.


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