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Ready for Risks as Nervous Markets Await Plenty of Outcomes

So you want to be a trader. You imagine that it will be fun and possibly easy to make money from the comfort of a cafe, office, maybe a bus or subway train with a simple touch to an app on your phone that allows seamless possibilities to take advantage of trends that are easy to spot. Yet, this may not be the week to decide on beginning your endeavor, perhaps you will want to watch the global markets and learn from the possible mistakes of others in the coming days.

Simple trends for the moment have largely disappeared and financial markets face a rather important week of data and global risk events that not even the most experienced trader can comfortably embrace. Risk events will shadow this week of trading. There will be a lot of drums beating and earplugs are recommended for speculators.

To get started the war in the Middle East, actually the war between Israel and Hamas is ongoing and it will not end soon. Israel doesn't want U.S ground troops and while some media sources may make these claims, it is extremely unlikely to happen. Yes, the U.S has sent war ships to the Mediterranean, but this is largely to suggest to Iran that the nation not become overtly active in the conflict.

Global investors who have been around the block and have traded when other conflicts have escalated - Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, African wars, and simmering feuds between China and India are somewhat used to these news flows and developing crisis forays. It does not make things easier, but at the same time being able to separate the noise from the actual reality of these events is essential. Learning to be mindful of the media and its frequent empty hyperbole regarding what could happen next is vital. Traders need to be critical thinkers.

If a day trader can step away from concerns regarding conflicts and focus on how behavioral sentiment is going to develop via the gyrations of financial institutions and larger investors, they will go a long way in starting to pursue a more tranquil path and find the ability to organize their thoughts quietly.

Gold is flirting with the 2000.00 USD mark per ounce. U.S indices continue to trade near lows and risk adverse tendencies will likely continue to flourish in the near term. There is a parade of important data releases and rhetoric that will come this week. Traders who are technically driven should consider paying attention to the economic reports and pronouncements that will come as they mix with business outlooks and varying time frames that must be considered when making bets on the financial markets.

Most of Monday's economic reports are in already. Australia posted better than expected Retail Sales. German Preliminary Gross Domestic Product statistics came in with a slightly better than anticipated number, although growth is still negative.

Tuesday, 31st of October, China Manufacturing PMI - economic data from China came in slightly better than expected the past week, but shadows lurk and the manufacturing numbers will help provide insights regarding headwinds the nation is facing. The USD/CNY remains at elevated levels. Transparency remains a desire for international investors who want to participate in China.

Six month chart of USD/JPY as it fight near the 150.000 level as of the 30th of October 2023.
USD/JPY Six Month Chart as of 30th October 2023

Tuesday, 31st of October, Bank of Japan - the BoJ is expected to make no changes to interest rate policy (you have heard this song before), but the USD/JPY remains near the 150.000 level and the Bank of Japan is not comfortable with this higher ratio. The question remains how they can combat this value properly. By suggesting the notion the BoJ can intervene when they want to, can keep financial institutions from over aggressively buying the USD/JPY. Expect to hear some of these intervention warnings again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1st of November, U.S Federal Reserve Funds Rate and FOMC Statement - Jerome Powell made it pretty clear in mid-October the U.S Fed will likely not raise its interest rate at this meeting. However, he warned the potential exist to raise rates down the road if inflation shows unwanted sparks. American consumers are a reason for concern too, although the Fed will not admit this - the U.S Fed would like to see less consumer demand which they believe would help decrease inflation. Problematically, U.S Treasuries are not only sticking near higher yields because of the potential of higher interest rates, but they are also being bought as a safe haven because of Middle East worries. This will continue to put pressure on the U.S government because paying off bonds with higher yielding rates of returns to investors can become increasingly difficult, particularly when U.S government spending appears to be nearly out of control.

Six month chart of GBP/USD near lows as of 30th of October 2023.
GBP/USD Six Month Chart as of 30th October 2023

Thursday, 2nd of November, U.K BoE Official Bank Rate and Monetary Policy Summary - no changes are expected by the Bank of England. Perhaps like the ECB last week the Bank of England will try to 'sound' a sedate level of rhetoric and say they are monitoring economic conditions which remain rather lackluster, but are showing slight signs of improvement via inflation and potential growth. The GBP/USD continues to fight near lows and the 1.20000 level is likely an important juncture.

Friday, 3rd of November, U.S Non-Farm Employment Change and Average Hourly Earnings - the jobs numbers are expected to come in less than the previous month's results. The wages report could be important if there is a significant change not corresponding with the estimate. Inflation needs to show signs of decreasing before the U.S Fed backs down from its aggressive interest rate stance, if the Average Hourly Earnings number remains stubborn, so will the U.S Fed.


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